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Rebeca Bermejo has been awarded the Best in Home Staging for Customer Service, Staging Excellence and Industry Leadership.

“When The International Association of Home Staging Professionals® (IAHSP®) created these awards the intent was to recognize the deserving and talented individuals who have helped shape the industry with their wonderful Staging work, leadership and customer service. These awards represent the Home Staging Industry’s BEST businesses and individuals. Our goal was to highlight as many people within the staging industry so there is no ranking, only the award for recognition what they do relative to the various categories. The award winners were nominated by their peers and/or clients and represent industry professionals from around the world. We are privileged to recognize the Best of the Home Staging Industry,” Jennie Norris, IAHSP® Chairwoman.

“A real pleasure to have been awarded by the International Association of Home Satging Professional to the awards “Best of Home Staging 2018” in the category of Staging Excellence, Customer Service, and Industry Leadership. Four years ago, this might seem unthinkable. Today is a reality. Tomorrow must to be built. This is part of the inspiration to keep growing up. Thank you IAHSP Team!”, Rebeca Bermejo, Home Stager Professional and member of IAHSP®

About REBECA BERMEJO | Staging & Design
Rebeca Bermejo is a professional Home Stager who works actually in Spain. For more information on selling your home or any of your real estate needs, contact with Rebeca Bermejo at the phone +34 670 917 958, emailing at rb@rebeca, or visit her website:

About The International Association of Home Staging Professionals® (IAHSP®)
IAHSP® is the premier Home Staging Industry Association for professional home stagers, designers and redesigners with thousands of members worldwide. Since 1999, IAHSP® has helped guide the Staging industry with Education, Excellence and Ethics standards. The IAHSP Foundation I a 501-C3 Charitable Organization supporting Worldwide Staging Service Week®. For more information on IAHSPCONEXPO visit For more information about the awards please visit For more information about Home Staging or partnerships with IAHSP® call 844-IAHSP99 and speak with Christa Jessup, or visit the IAHSP® Web site at

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